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In India, maize is emerging as an important crop after rice and wheat.

• Indian Milling Wheat

Test Weight : 78 kg/hl min
Protein : 11.5pct min (on dry basic)
Moisture : 12.5 pct max
Foreign Matter : 0.5% max
Gluten : 26-27 % min
Other Food Grains : 1%
Falling Number : 300 secs min
Damaged /Discoloured : max 1.5%
Shriveled/Shrunken/Broken Kernel :max 3%

• Indian Feed Wheat

Test Weight : 72kg/hl min.
Moisture : 13% max
Protein : 11% min
(on dry basis)
Vomitoxin : 2 ppm max
Foreign Matter : 2.5% max
Shriveled/Shrunken/Broken : 3% max(basic 2mm sieve)
Other Food Grains :1.5% max
Weevil/Bored : 7% max
Damaged :10% max
Black Kernels : 5% max

Wheat is the largest produced grain on the planet Earth and is also a staple food for people in almost all parts of the world. India has become the second largest producer of wheat, next to china with a dramatic rise in yields after green revolution. However, the wheat situation in India is deficient and was seen importing wheat to an extent of about 5.5 million tonnes in the current year.

This has apparently pushed wheat prices to a significantly higher level than the previous year and the government has raised the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for wheat by Rs 100 to Rs 750 per quintal. Encouraged by the high prices, the acreage and subsequently output of wheat, is expected to expand considerably.

Wheat is grown as an exclusive winter crop in India mostly grown in northern parts as it requires cool temperatures for flowering and grain formation. Major producing states are Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar accounting for about 85 per cent of total cultivated area.

Domestic Scenario

Table 1: Sowing progress as on 24th Nov

Major States Sowing progress Per cent to
Total Area Sown
Normal Area
2006-07 2005-06
Uttar Pradesh 21.58 18.85 23.64 91.64 91.3
Punjab 25.04 22.84 73.09 34.68 34.26
Haryana 18.75 17.5 81.10 23.08 23.12
Madhya Pradesh 22.07 19.19 60.14 36.93 36.7
Others 26.26 18.55 35.36 77.47 74.27
India 113.7 96.93 43.79 263.8 259.65

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, GoI.

Uttar Pradesh, the largest wheat cultivating state, sowings have been taken up on time and progressed well so far. The acreage is expected to reach the set target of 93 lakh hectares in view of the favourable weather conditions.

In Punjab and Haryana sowing in majority of the areas has been completed. The productivity of wheat in these states is the highest of all in the country at about 4 tonnes per hectare and much higher than the average all India productivity of 2.6 tonne / hectare. However, the acreage in these states is likely to remain at the last year's level as there is limited scope for its expansion.

Wheat acreage in Madhya Pradesh has already posted a significant growth and in other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra too has progressed well.
Acreage in the other states is expected to rise significantly as wheat cultivation has got momentum from growing demand and rise in prices. Timely sowing may enhance growth and increase the yields.

Wheat acreage has posted a marked increase and is expected to exceed the previous year's acreage particularly in UP, MP and Gujarat. Considering this, wheat output is expected to increase significantly in the current year. However, the realization of output is thoroughly affected by the weather conditions during the crop growth particularly in the grain formation and maturity stages.

Wheat is available in both Jute and PP bags and as loose or bulk.

We deal in both containers and bulk shipments.

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